Why fly with us?

We worked out an amazing combination of vast natural lanscapes, very good gliding weather and user's comfort at the premises. The scenery, gliding area, people, and the flight will totally impress you!

Great Scenery

We promise inimaginable lanscapes in the heart of the Carpathians. Favorable outlanding options in the valleys. On site accomodation as well as catering and camping.

Incredible People

Outstanding sincere hospitality. Great cultural objectives in the nearby vecinity of Transylvania. Great Romanian cuisine, arts and crafts, shows and more for the ones to rest.

Good Weather

The geographical position of the area ensures a pleasant atmosphere to fly in. Bucegi and Piata Craiului mountains have a favourable orientation and vertical rocky slopes to get warm in the morning and generate the lift.

Registered Competition

Brasov Cup is a FAI approved competition and managed online on Soaring Spot.

About The Competition

The contest takes place in the heart of the Romanian Carpathians near Brasov city. The spectacular scenery makes it one of the most beautiful but nevertheless challenging and demanding national competition. The competition is organized, supported and hosted by the Romanian Airclub.

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